Heather Fallona

Growing up...

From a young age, Heather was very inquisitive and questioned many things. As most children, we come

in pure, but with a mind of our own. Heather was a very strong minded child from a young age, but like 

most of us we become conditioned with our family traditions, societal expectations and our indoctrinated

religious affiliations. Heather always asked questions and wanted to understand things on a deeper

level. Being baptised into Catholicism, she recalls one day in Sunday school questioning some of the

teachings and realized then, that she would have to resolve to find her own truth. She then became 

fascinated with life after life and trying to understand what is beyond this world. She would go to the

bookstore and sit for hours reading all should could on the topic and then the knowing started coming 

through her thoughts, feelings and in her dreams. 


Heather went on to marry and have three kids. After the birth of her second child she knew there was something "different" about her. Her daughter refused to wear clothes and was very sensitive. Her daughter was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, on the Autism spectrum. Heather spent the next 10 years in and out of doctors trying to "fix" her daughter and even turning away from doctors that wanted to put her on anti-depressants to make "it" go away. While Heather didn't understand what was happening she knew a pill wasn't the answer for her daughter, at least not at the ripe age of eight. They were about to give up until (after many prayers) they found a doctor that gave them another diagnosis that they were not expecting....

Her daughter was diagnosed by a neuro-psychologist as being being highly intuitive and even used the word "psychic." The doctor had determined that her daughter would pick up on the feelings of others and she was acting out as a result of not being able to process it all. From that moment on she stopped seeking guidance and support from the medical community and sought support in the spiritual community... She realized it was not about "fixing" her daughter it was about changing her own perspective on what "normal" looks like and helping her daughter process her sensitives. Heather soon realized that her daughter was much like she was when she was a kid, but her daughter was not going to conform to conditioning and by Heather accepting her daughter's sensitives, Heather was able to reawaken to her own. So began her journey...

Doorway to truth...

From that moment on, she realized if she was going to help her child, she had to learn more about her own gifts that she pushed aside many years ago. Once Heather began to embrace her own connection, she was able to better support her daughter and see the gifts of imperfections and embracing our own uniqueness. She found through this process she was not only able to help her daughter, but she was able to help others as well. 

And so it begins...

Heather continues to work to evolve and establish a common language with spirit. Her daughter continues to be an evolved soul in a child's body and teaching Heather daily.  Although Heather has since attended many classes to better understand her gifts, she has found her guides continue to teach her what she needs to know and when she needs to know it. So Heather continues to evolve throughout her journey and find more ways she can assist others, especially parents with evolved children. 


A medium on a mission...

Heather's mission has always been helping others, whatever that may look like. Heather has now embraced her truths and learned self-acceptance of what her "normal" looks like.  She is most fulfilled by spending quality time with her family, practicing yoga and sharing messages of love, acknowledgement and support from the other side.


Heather is blessed with the support of her loving husband and three amazing kids. She does this work because it brings her joy to help others, it gives her a greater sense of purpose in life. Her experiences as a wife and mother allows her to assist others on a personal level. While her consulting experiences in both public and private sectors enables her to assist others in navigating in various areas of business. 

Still evolving...

Heather enjoys learning, evolving and seeing things from all perspectives. She studied eastern religion as part of her college curriculum and even joined the Church of Latter Day Saints. She soon found that our experiences and beliefs shape our reality. As a result, she now maintains her connection to a higher power in her own way. Professionally, she has completed a dual Bachelors of Arts degree in Communications and Organizational Development from Regis University in Denver, Colorado. She also has certifications in Conflict Management, Leadership, High Performance Management and is Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certified.


She know focuses on deepening her connection to a higher power by studying with other amazing spiritual teachers. 

I want to personally thank you for stopping by. It's important that we always be true to ourselves. When we honor our true essence the world becomes better for all of us. Be well, be you and be blessed!


Namaste (the light in me honors the light in you), 

Heather Fallona