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What to Expect

Choosing a medium you resonate with is important. As spirit will draw on the medium's life experiences and exposures in order to communicate. So it is important to pick a medium who you feel drawn to. With that, feel free to check out the "About Heather" page for more information regarding her background. 

Booking a Reading... 

  1. Go to Book Online.

  2. You will get an email confirmation of your booking.

  3. 24 hours prior to the reading, you will get a reminder notification with the zoom link. Note: Reminder time will displayed based off the time zone you booked

  4. When the day arrives, have an intent for the reading as spirit will do their best to deliver. 

A Typical Reading... 

Fist thing you should know is, working with spirit there really is no "typical" reading because each one is so unique. 

Once we begin the session Heather will call upon your loved ones (including pets), higher self and/or guides to step forward in order to provide you messages for your highest good. Sometimes loved ones will stop by, but will focus on messages that you need in your life at that moment (it could be family dynamics, personal growth, etc.). Then there are other times where the loved one dominants the entire reading. Being a medium, Heather also receives psychic visions of things to come, so spirit will usually let her know of something upcoming and its their way of validating the reading. Heather will often hear back from people that later validate those events. However, because there is choice and free will, we have the capability to alter events at any point and time. Which shows just how powerful and amazing we all are. Think of the butterfly effect... You hold the key to shape your life's experience and that is beautiful! 

Setting your intention...

Prior to your session it's always good to set your own intention. What do you hope to get out of the session? Is it clarity, peace of mind or just simply want to connect? When you are clear spirit will honor it in one way or another. With that being said, it's also important to know that spirit will usually give you want you need and it can be different than what you expected. So it's good to be open minded. Your loved ones are exactly the same as they were when they were in the physical bodies. Their personalities and humor (or lack there of) will always present itself. But in the end, they always bring pure love which is why Heather loves helping others connect. 

After the session...

Heather will send you a link to access the recorded reading. Once you get the link you should download a local copy of the reading as the recordings are archived overtime.  Note: Recordings are not shared with anyone, but you.

Many times you will have greater validation when listening to the recording. As oftentimes people are so caught up in the moment during a reading and are not always remembering key events.. Many times Heather has gotten feedback that after the sitter listened to the recording they took more away from the recorded version as they were in a more receptive space. 

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