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"Thank you so much for your time and work yesterday. What incredible work you did with me. You inhabit these very personal worlds so effortlessly; you are like a combination intuitive medium and psychologist. Whenever I am having a low day, I am seriously going to sit down, and listen to our session. And I am looking for that new office space, like yesterday! Thank you for your YouTube channel content- it is so beautiful, and for the work you do in the world. I definitely want to stay abreast of your continued work."

Trina Mann

"When you know you need a reading but you aren't sure who will come through, it's sometimes hard to make that commitment. But let me tell you, my reading with Heather covered many areas that were meaningful, although she had no idea how much at the time.
Several connections were verified: my grandfather, my departed cat, most importantly, my father. She indicated the color orange, which is a favorite color of mine, and that the associated chakra area could use some boosting (lack of feelings of safety contributing, which hits the nail on the head.) My dad has come through before using other mediums, however he always wanted me to do something to complete his own project he didn't have a chance to finish before he died. This always seemed a bit insulting (insisting I do something of no consequence to me), and at the same time, he would never apologize for his role in our estrangement. So I cut him off from connecting with me through mediums. Except this time, I told him that he could come through. In the meantime I had tried suggesting to my dad that he's got more growth ahead. (My dad was very egotistic in life. It probably didn't occur to him.) In this reading with Heather, it was the first time he apologized and took responsibility. It was the first time that he acknowledged that if I'm ever going to have a positive relationship, we would have to do some healing between ourselves first. I knew it was him because he brought up the ugly shag carpet he chose for my bedroom when I was 9. (Sky-blue shag.. really, dad?) Heather also pegged my cat to a T. I had a mean cat that I was severely allergic to. She brought up the allergies and how my cat was upset when I adopted a big dog right at the end of his life. Bob the cat was very "what in the world did you do?" They never could even sit on the same couch together. He died just a few months later, and it was cool to hear that he wanted to connect with me. My grandfather also came through to say hello and make several acknowledgements to confirm his identity. I miss that sweet man. This is the second reading I've had with Heather, and both were very illuminating and included present-day issues and needs that I can work on to be a better me. Even though it's a bit of stepping into the unknown, with Heather it's always been confirmational and I've walked away feeling like I'm heard, seen, and directed on my way in life by my loved ones on the other side." 

Jen Foster

"In all of our sessions, you've helped us beyond anything we could ever have imagined. We listen to the recordings over and over, and learn something new each time. You've been part spiritual coach, spirit translator, couples counselor and business advisor! We were struggling the past few days and you've helped us re-connect emotionally, and get back on track. With heartfelt thanks, Judy and Joey"

Judy and Joey

"I just had an incredibly helpful and enlightening reading from Heather. My great-grandmother came through and Heather was very connected to her personality and even physical traits. She gave so many evidential facts that no one else could have know so that I knew she had my great grandmother. Her channeling was so clear that it was like my great-grandmother was talking directly to me. She had words of wisdom about issues family members are going through and what I need to do to support, first myself , and then how to help my loved ones by showing love, but having proper boundaries to let them learn their lessons. I could go on and on about what a burden this reading lifted from me! I highly recommend a reading with Heather!"

Kathy Dench

"Thank you again for the two mind-blowing readings. I got more guidance than I ever hoped for, especially regarding recurring health issues. I trust my own intuition, but on this topic I needed some help. The info you received made absolute sense and provided me with sensible actions. It's as though the recognition lit a light bulb in my mind. I feel empowered and relieved."

Judy Sterling

"Heather stuns me with her accuracy and details. She is the real deal and there is no doubt for me that she is connecting to those I know on the other side. And by her guidance I was led to an amazing opportunity to connect with my oldest son, still living. She gave me some insight on what to do, even describing his living room in his apartment that was arranged completely different from when I had been there last, imagine my surprise when I walked in and it was exactly as she described! I appreciate her guidance and gifts, they are truly remarkable! Highly recommend!"

Christina Schweigerdt

"I had the most amazing reading with Heather this morning. So many of my loved ones wanted to come through! She even picked up on the ghost in my 109 year old house. But, best of all, she gave me messages from my beloved twin flame who crossed over 7 1/2 months ago. Thank you Heather for this beautiful gift."

Debra Rowan

"Heather has a phenomenal gift. I lost my brother unexpectedly last year. My family and I had a lot of unanswered questions, so we asked Heather for a group reading. She did a wonderful job connecting with everyone in the room. She was able to bring my brother into the conversation to answer our questions, and was able to bring closure to our loss. We have since referred others to Heather, who have also had phenomenal experiences. My words and story won’t do justice for what she was able to provide for me and my family. We appreciate her helping us with this situation more than anyone could imagine. If you are experiencing a similar situation, I highly encourage you to reach out to Heather."

Charita Geiger

"I am taking this opportunity to acknowledge the wonderful reading I had with Heather Fallona... It has been a week since our reading and the reason it has taken me so long to send this is directly related to what came from Heather´s medical insights and a suggestion that I spend more time with nature and my music meditations. As a result I found myself doing a lot of projects outside with my bamboo and I wound up deciding to build a greenhouse so I can raise plants from seed. Took a week so not much FB time. She was right on about physical issues I am having and it was helpful in getting me back on course. Heather also gave me amazing predictive information about my ¨middle daughter¨ and it looks like that is going right on target. Lots of accurate information Heather, Thank you for your work. You are dialed in!"

Ron Lederer

"I just had an awesome reading with Heather. I have no doubt in my mind that she is the real deal. She connected with my beautiful Aunt, who passed away from cancer, and my grandpa. Everything she said resonated with me. This was my first reading I have ever gotten, and I'm so happy I had the opportunity to get a reading from her. Heather, you are awesome, and Thank You so much!!!"

Megan Mackey

"I just wanted to THANK the 'Medium on a Mission' so very much for her very 'spot on' reading today! I cannot express how much it means to me. I am so very thankful for the connection she facilitated with my spiritual family and for the great spiritual guidance and advice she provided. I feel joyful, hopeful and energized for the next phase of my life path."

Cathy Garner

"Heather is not just a wonderful channel, she's also a lovely coach, compassionate, sweet, understanding and gives totally spot on information that one can connect with at an inner level... I absolutely adore her! Me sitting on one end of the world going through circumstances she on the other end couldn't even know, I was amazed at how she connected with me; it felt like she knew exactly what I was experiencing and had the perfect guidance that resonated with me like magic." 

Baisakhi Saha

"Thank you for the reading Heather. It was spot on!" 

Karina G.

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