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Support Offered

Click on the What to Expect section for more information regarding the process to book and what to expect.  

Ready to connect? Click here to schedule a session. Each reading includes a recording of the session. 

Mediumship & Soul Readings (Evidential and Psychic)

 A typical connection with spirit consists of 3 areas:

  1. Specific evidence or events from their life.

  2. Details of current events or something that will soon happen, that validates they are still close to you. 

  3. Then they bring through the key message that they want you to know. 

Since spirit is in control and there may be many present, it's good to be clear on who you want to come through. During these readings, if you are ready for it... spirit will take me to the soul level and where deep healing can occur. These readings are the most profound readings and can help remove blocks that cause physical and emotional pain. When doing an in person reading, you can bring a personal object of theirs since their energy remains with the object.  

Spiritual Readings (Intuitive & Psychic)

These readings are to connect with future events or connect with energies of people living. Heather is able to see future events that may occur as well as pick up on the feelings and energies of those around you. Spirit will give her evidence by showing her something you know to be true (could be reference to a new car you just got or another current fact based validation point).

Missing Persons

Heather tunes into the energy of the missing person to determine in which plane their energy resides. She will work with their energy to determine the circumstances around their disappearance and try to obtain clues as to their whereabouts. She also has an extended team that I work with to ensure a comprehensive review of the case. 

Intuitive Career Guidance

Heather will tune in to guidance our collective guides to help you determine the best path to take and any items that you should be aware on your journey. Some of the items that she may cover:

  • Solutions for work related issues or conflicts

  • Next steps to take in your work

  • Finding your life path

Home Cleansing and Blessing

Heather will come to your home and identify the spirits that are in your home and help move them to the light. She also sage afterwards and bring forth angels to continue to protect your home.  

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Readings should not be considered a substitute for medical, psychological, legal or financial help or guidance. Divine messages are intended to provide guidance and support, but any free will and choice is ultimately yours. If you are unable to pay for a reading, please contact. My support is not limited to those who can afford it. All readings are considered confidential and will only be shared with you via a recording. These recordings will not be shared unless expressed written consent is provided. 

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