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When Spirit Speaks Oracle Deck - US only - Free Shipping

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When Spirit Speaks 78 card oracle deck with a selenite stick to cleanse with a burlap bag for storage. This deck includes key images with a descriptive word that allows you to go deeper into the meaning that spirit provides. No interpretative booklet is included.

Dimensions: 70mm x 121mm, 2.75" x 4.75" with a smooth finish

Why I created these cards: Throughout my journey to develop my mediumship spirit would show me signs and symbols to establish a new language for me to interpret their messages for loved ones. Over the course of several years I would capture these to build out my spiritual dictionary and now after many years later, I created this deck to reflect what it looks like for me "When Spirit Speaks." So if you are a developing medium or someone who wants to deepen their reference library with spirit, this would be a great deck for you to incorporate into your practice.

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